Things to do in Tampa

Explored by a group of early Spanish settlers in the 16th century, Tampa was announced the fifth best outdoor city in 2008, by Forbes. Tampa’s various neighbourhoods are marked by different, distinctive types of architecture, each more admirable than the other. Apparently, many WWE stars reside in Tampa, along with other professional wrestlers. Tampa contains over 150 recreational parks, museums on several subjects, many performance venues for different kinds of performers, and much more.

Tourist Attractions in Tampa

10165 McKinley Drive,
Tampa, FL 33612
701 Channelside Drive,
Tampa, FL 33602
1101 West Sligh Avenue,
Tampa, FL 33604

About Tampa

Tampa has a streetcar system that runs through Channel District, Tampa Downtown and Ybor City. This is perfect for all partygoers, since it means not having to drive back home after a long and crazy night at the club. Tampa also has other travel options, such as planes, automobiles, trains and even boats of every kind. As a matter of fact, boats are quite famous around Tampa; thousands of individuals experience cruises that stop at or start at the Tampa docks.

If a local or tourist is looking for some excitement, they can consider attending some festivals. It is no secret that there happens to be a festival in Tampa almost every weekend. Some of the most enjoyable festivals include the Sunset Music Festival, the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival and the Springfest. All one has to do is show up and relish the seemingly never-ending food and music. Tampa is also known for its fun hours and crazy nightlife. In Tampa, there is a staple club that offers heavy handed drinks that are also recognized as “hub pours”. This club is known as The Hub, and is the place to be for drunken company, loud and seductive music, a dive bar and lots of unforgettable fun.

Having fun aside, this region has some of the best restaurants, some of which include Loli’s Mexican Cravings and the Chop Chop Shop. A gem in Tampa, Loli’s Mexican Cravings is fit for single visitors and large groups as well. Some of the items worth trying are the pork red tamales, pastor and fish tacos, quesadillas and much more. This spot is where one should be if they are craving authentic Mexican. Unbelievably cheap, the Chop Chop Shop is open five days a week, during which numerous customers come in to ravish the yummy food. Decorated with Asian paintings, sporting a warm vibe, Chop Chop Shop offers mouth-watering kimchi, soba noodles, Karage chicken and much more.