Things to do in Gainesville

If you are looking for somewhere different to go, then you can definitely consider visiting Gainesville. Considered to be the largest city in Alachua County, Florida, you will never run out of things to do. In more recent news, Gainesville was also ranked as the fifth meanest city in the United States. This was due to its high rate of criminal activities and bullying behavior. Although many people might reconsider their trip to Gainesville because of this, you also need to look at the good things about this city. Gainesville is more popularly known as the Poultry Capital and Queen City of the Mountains. So be it eating as much meat as you can or reconnecting with nature, Gainesville would be the ultimate place to be in. In addition, it was also ranked as one of the top cities to live and play. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

About Gainesville

Thanks to Gainesville’s inland location, the summers can be pretty hot. In addition, they are usually accompanied with tropical thunderstorms and blowing winds. However, it would definitely not be something that would dampen your vacations. As for the winters, freezing temperatures can be expected without a doubt.

Upon hearing the name Gainesville, many people associate this with a countryside and quiet place to live. While that might be true in some parts, this is not the standard norm. As a result of several city development projects the city has grown and cannot be considered a small countryside location anymore.

If you are the outdoorsy kind, then it is quite likely that you would look for places where you could go hiking. Even if that’s not the case, you could still get the opportunity to indulge in a favorite sport of yours.

For that, one of the most popular spots is the Auto Plus Raceway. Being the site of both amateur and professional motorbike racers, this is the perfect place for you to be in if you want to experience some action. In order to witness a happening race, March would be the best time to visit this place. All the major championship races are hosted during this time.

As for all the football lovers, there is no better place than the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. It is also the largest stadium in the entire state of Florida.

When visiting a new city, one of the first things that many people are excited about is the local cuisine. Not only does this broaden a person’s perspective and enrich their travelling experience, but hungry tummies are also satisfied. So it is extremely important that you make it a point to go to all the right eateries.

If you have an eclectic taste, then Bistro 1425 would be the perfect place for you to visit. Even though it is a down-to-earth restaurant, you will be surprised to find meals of the highest quality being served. In addition, they also have a wide range of alcohol to pair your delicious meals with.

Another place that you can try is Leonardo’s by the Slice. As soon as you enter their parking lot, you will see white picket fences surrounding the whole area. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a typical and kitschy Italian diner. The pricing is also quite reasonable.