Things to do in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the biggest city in the continental United States. Additionally, it is the largest city in Florida that holds over 840,000 people.Jacksonville seems to be famous due to the affordable livings costs, business-friendly setting and pleasant weather.One of Jacksonville’s belongings includes the urban park systems. With an ever-growing population with diverse culture, Jacksonville is fascinating for all who come visit it. Another interesting fact about Jacksonville is that it was home to the man who invented personal computers, named Don Estridge. Originally known as Cowford, Jacksonville was named after the seventh President of the United States of America, Andrew Jackson. Quite a beauty on its own, this city is quite promising for all tourists and corporate individuals.

About Jacksonville

Although Jacksonville is quite pedestrian-friendly, it offers several travel options, including plug-in, trolleys, rental bikes, the Skyway, rental cars, buses, the Jacksonville river taxi and St. John’s river ferry. Each is a different experience compared to the other and also vary in terms of cost. The Jacksonville river taxi is a wonderful experience that allows individuals to travel from one end of the St. John River to the other.

If one is looking for fun things to do, they can consider soaking up all the diversity in Jacksonville, in terms of culture. Early Spanish settlers, Hispanic Americans, native Timucuan Indians and early French settlers are just some of ethnic groups that found their way to Jacksonville. Today, the cultural diversity has increased more than ever, having spread to every corner of the city. Jacksonville has lots more excitement to offer, especially in the form of water sports. Kayaking, fishing, surfing and paddle boarding are just some of the water sports that can be experienced on the beaches of Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Beach and the Atlantic Beach are just two of the many refreshing beaches in the city, frequented by unlimited people every year.

Enjoyable activities aside, this region has some of the best restaurants, some of which include the Restaurant Orsay, Azurea and BB’s. Some of Restaurant Orsay’s noteworthy dishes include the potato hash with Tabasco beurre rouge, pan roasted fish special, foie gras, lobster roe butter, pork chops with Pommery mustard cream, and much more. An eatery that makes it a point to use fresh produce from farms, the Restaurant Orsay is visited all year round by French cuisine lovers.  Winner of the AAA Four-Diamond Award every year since the year 2010, Azurea is known to have a upscale, great feel to it. To get a taste of almost everything that Azurea has to offer, one can try their Adventurous Palate tasting menu.  Also, the Cast Iron Seared Blue Crab Cake is probably the best appetizer available at this restaurant. Open on every day of the week, except Sunday, BB’s is exactly where one should be if they want to taste some of the best calamari, goat cheese salad, jambalaya pizza, and much more. BB’s is cozy and is famed for its delicious Southern food.

Jacksonville also has countless tourist attractions, such as the Ritz Theatre & Museum. Amateur Night at this museum sees several singers, orchestras, poets and comedians performing in front of an enormous crowd. This same crowd pick the winners, who win exciting prizes; the losers get booed at. Amateur night takes place on the first Friday of each month, exactly at 7.30 p.m. Another popular tourist attraction is the Cummer Museum of Arts & Gardens. A place known for its spectacular artistic offerings, the Cummer Museum of Arts & Gardens honours history. There is around 2.5 acres of gardens and at least 5000 art pieces in this museum, an amazing collection that is worth a visit.