Things to do in Hollywood

First and foremost, Hollywood of Florida, should not be confused with Hollywood of California. The latter is where the world famous studios reside, while the former, and the current focus, is actually named after the latter. The founder of this city, Joseph W. Yung, desired to create a motion picture colony, so ended up establishing the ‘Hollywood by the Sea’. The city was officially founded in 1925, after Yung had bought many acres of land of these parts, at around 1920. Geographically situated in the Boward County of the state of Florida, close to Miami, Hollywood is the twelfth largest city in the state, and has managed to earn fame due to its extravagant tourist spots.

About Hollywood

If you are considering a trip to Hollywood, Florida, then the first place you must visit is the Hollywood Beach. This place has been labelled as the number one holiday destination in Hollywood, and for good reasons too. This beach is a natural getaway from all your daily worries; just sit back under the rental umbrellas and enjoy the soft sand. The beach authority keeps the shore clean and beautiful all the time, so you can always expect the beach to be well-managed. The sun shines at a moderate temperature of 68 degrees at minimum. But the one thing that makes the tourists keep coming back is the variety of food available in the beach restaurants. Salad, lamb chops, mussels, and basically any seafood you want can be found here. They are cooked excellently and provide an unforgettable flavor to anyone lucky enough to try them out. The Hollywood Beach is truly a special place to visit, and is important to Hollywood’s significance as a tourist spot.

Just a mile away from the Hollywood Beach, you can find the Hollywood North Beach Park. This place acts as a resort-like extension of the beach, and hosts many fun activities for tourists and locals alike. This family-friendly venue is relatively less crowded than other popular tourist spots, so one can observe the beach’s nature up close from here. This is the party spot of the beach as well, and is always filled with lively traditional music. This public park lights up in the evenings with celebrations and barbecues.

To those who think beaches are everything in Hollywood, the Anne Kolb Nature Center begs to differ. This place offers a close interaction with the wildlife of these parts, by utilizing a long bridge that goes through canopies of green for miles. This nature center also offers boat tours with inexpensive rates that allows a closer view into the natural wonderland, especially the clear, untouched water. The observation towers are open to visitors as well, with which they can get a long-distance view of the marsh that surrounds the nature center.

Coming back to the seaside, one thing that intrigues many beach enthusiasts is the fish. Hollywood has plenty of sea life, and to experience them in the best way possible, you can try out fishing in the JP Outfitters Inc. and No Vacansea Private Fishing Charters. Baits are available from the get-go in the ship, so you can just cruise along and try your hand at catching the local specialty: tuna.

Each and every attraction in Hollywood, Florida, allow the tourists to immerse within the nature. If you are tired of a mundane urban life, a trip to this shimmering shoreline is sure to lift your spirits. Be it lounging on the beach, catching exotic fish, or trudging along the marsh, Hollywood has something for everyone.