Things to do in Delray Beach

About Delray Beach

Delray Beach in Florida is famous for a number of things. It is not just an ordinary beach with standard attractions that you can find everywhere. But, the spot provides a buffet of attractive activities that visitors could do in here. First, the Beach is marvelous with clean water and spectacular scenery all through the day. Particularly, the dusk time is the best for having some top photographs or just relaxing on the sand after a busy day at the beach. The attractions also include the likes of boating, beach sports, surfing, museums, festivals, parks, wildlife and art galleries etc. which are worth spending your time at. It is for all these reasons at and around the Delray Beach that the town just recently has been named as the ‘most fun small town in the USA’.

Top Attractions at and around the Delray Beach:

Delray Beach is known for not disappointing its tourists in any possible way. You just name an activity, google it and you will surely find that around the famous Delray Beach. Some of the most notable things that you can do at this beach are given below:

  • The Atlantic Avenue – Atlantic Avenue is the heart of the Delray town and stretches well along the beach with a variety of shops of your choice. You can find here some excellent food, wine clothing and/ or souvenirs to carry it along with you. The outdoor cafes are quite famous here for either having a full fledge meal or just a cup of coffee. The Ocean Boulevard just next to the Atlantic Avenue is another great place for doing all similar things but on a smaller scale.
  • The Yearly Street Festivals – This is something that you need to plan well and plan well in advance. There are several notable yearly festivals celebrated in the vicinity with tourists flocking from different parts of the country and beyond. The best one, however, is the one celebrated during the Christmas break. The Atlantic Avenue is fully decorated with a 100 feet high Christmas tree which is the center of attraction here during the Christmas holidays.
  • The best Spot to through a Party to your Friends and Family – The beach without a doubt is an entertainment hub with excellent restaurants, bars and discotheques nearby. So, if there is a special occasion in your personal or social life that you wish to celebrate then the Delray Beach for that occasion is the best location. Your party at the place would seem even bigger when you will see the immense excitement at the beach all through the year.
  • The Famous Tennis Center – Delray Open, a prestigious tennis event is organized every year at the Delray Beach Tennis Center. This ATP World tour features all the top ranked players, including the legends of the game, which attracts a lot of tennis fans from far places. You can avail the opportunity to grab some tennis lesson and even play a double game during the off tennis season, of course.
  • Seagate Country Club – The Seagate Country Club at Delray Beach is for the game of Golf, just as the Delray Beach Tennis Center is for tennis. The golf club hosts the exciting Legends Tour every year with golf legends participating with great enthusiasm. It is an 18-hole golf course which is the most exciting one among several other golf courses found in the area.
  • Experiencing the Best Music – The Old School Square hosts multiple attractive 100-year-old school buildings which are now dedicated to some lovely music. A number of venues are found within the Square that satisfies everyone with a different choice of music. You can have a lovely time at the Crest Theatre with some lively music and the Fieldhouse arena could be approached if you are in a mood of some silent disco. If you ever plan to visit the beach on a Friday night, then make sure to enjoy a free concert at The Pavilion.
  • The Art District – if you are a culture type then Delray Beach is nothing short of a paradise for you. It is a small town place but with cultural touch as good as any other big city in the country or even beyond. The place is home to the famous and lovable Artist’s Alley, where artists showcase their talent regarding their inspiration. If you would like to explore more into cultural art then you must also the Pineapple Grove Art District for witnessing some top local art.
  • Museums – The place has an immensely rich cultural history and Spady Museum is just one example of it. This is the only African-American museum in Florida with interesting cultural and history related facts. Another spectacular cultural experience could be at the Morikami Museum and the Japanese Gardens, giving you a deep insight into the locals coastal settlement in the area.
  • The Lake Ida Park – The spectacular backdrop of the Delray Beach, tall standing palm trees, and several other nearby parks are what that makes the Lake Ida Park at the beach even more special. It is a great place to hang out with your friends/ family or just relax there after having an exciting day at the beach. People love it for an excellent picnic spot or just providing them with an opportunity to just have the evening that they desperately need.
  • Getting wet at the Beach – if you have not got wet at this or any other beach, then probably you have just wasted your time or had done nothing. Delray Beach and the water activities are so tempting that you just cannot resist staying dry at the beach all day. You will find a lot of water sports at the beach and above the waves as well. Some of the top sports here includes the likes of kayaking, parasailing, and paddle boarding etc. The afternoon or the sunset cruises at the beach are equally exciting and you must try that once before you call it a day. Moreover, the largest coral reef in the world is just slightly off the coast if you are up for a nice drive.

You really need to check out the Delray Beach calendar online which have all the information about different festivals, cultural events, concerts and other activities planned at the beach or nearby arena. This also helps you to plan your tour so that you don’t just miss the top attractions at the Delray Beach.