Things to do in Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a city located in Florida’s Lee County and has a small population consisting of mainly retired couples and their families. Over the years, many younger families with different professions and fields have also joined the community. People move to Cape Coral mainly because of the serene, comfortable, and secure lifestyle and it provides its residents to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.Not to mention, the city’s real estate opportunity has been great. Many prefer Cape Coral because of the opportunity. Families find the city scenic, safe, clean, spacious, and adventurous, all at the same time!

About Cape Coral

Cape Coral Golf Courses:

Cape Coral is home to lush golf courses and a host of famous Gulf Coast beaches. Coral Oaks Golf Course is located in Cape Coral as well as some Executive Golf Course where you can enjoy one of the sport of kings.

Cape Coral Attractions:

An array of family attractions such as attraction is the Sun Splash Family Waterpark. Children and adults alike often find a good range of outdoor activities in Cape Coral, catered to their various likings. Astoundingly, the location of the city is within vision of the gleaming Gulf of Mexico and is close to Fort Myers. A vivacious and friendly community, Cape Coral includes pretty much all the beauty and splendor that one would imagine in Southwest Florida. It is picturesque yet subtle.

Cape Coral Water Sports:

The city contains more than 400 miles of water for sports, boating, canals, and fishing, making the environment suitable for an enhanced quality of life. Sports lovers will find the city filled with open tennis courts, skating parks, bicycling, swimming and kayaking opportunities, golf courses, and natural and athletics parks in addition to several nature preserves. The wildlife preservation of the city has been praised often. Locals love keeping in touch with wildlife in addition to the nature divisions throughout.

The list of places to keep an eye out for while at Cape Coral is quite extensive; from activities targeted to the youth to activities catered to adults, Cape Coral offers a wide array of avenues one can seek out. Some of them include: Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach, Jaycee Park, Coral Oaks, Sun Splash Family Waterpark, Coral Oaks Golf Course, Cape Coral Eagle State Park, and many more. These parks often hold yearly competitions, price giving ceremonies, carnivals, and other community building events.

Visitors will be amazed to find that Cape Coral locals love skating so much that they actually came up with a park for it- Cape Coral Eagle State Park! Teenagers and adults alike compete and brush up on their skating skills. Golfing is a favorite pastime for many of the locals, and both juniors and seniors participate in the golf courses. The Rotary Parks allow visitors to be in touch with nature. Since the summers are quite long in Florida, a lot of the activities Cape Coral has to offer focus on cooling down, laying back, and then kicking it off! The memories made at Cape Coral will be well worth it.