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10 Most Amazing Miami Metro Zoo Animals

Our list of the top 10 amazing Miami Metro Zoo animals.

The Top 11 Activities in Everglades National Park

Everglades has got so much to offer to all types of people seeking fun, serenity, nice atmosphere or just having an exciting day with friends and families. Here is our list of the top 11 activities in Everglades National Park.

Dry Tortugas National Park Camping Review

If you are looking to have a holiday somewhere in or around Florida, then the Dry Tortugas National Park is the top option for camping buffs. Here is our review of Dry Tortugas National Park Camping.

15 amazing birds to see in Everglades

Our list of the top 15 birds which you can see when visiting the Everglades National Park.

10 Amazing Facts about Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys

The Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys is one of the most traveled routes in Florida. Here are 10 amazing facts about it that you probably didn't know.

Top 8 Caves in Florida to Explore

TourismInFlorida.com list of the top 8 caves in Florida based on their uniqueness and giving an exciting experience to the visitors.

The Top 7 Rapids Water Park Rides

Looking to beat the heat? Try Rapids Water Park rides, and do that in the most fun way. Here is our pick for the top 7 rides in the park.

Top 10 Facts about the Everglades National Park

There are a number of reasons to call it one of the top attractions in Florida. Here are our picks for the top 10 facts about the Everglades National Park.

The best of Kayak Trails in Everglades National Park

For kayaking lovers, kayak trails in Everglades National Park are a treat not to be missed. This awesome vast park in Florida has something for everyone.

How to Go Deep Sea Fishing near Cocoa Beach, Florida?

Deep Sea Fishing near Cocoa Beach is one of the most fun-filled activities that you can ever do. And we are going to tell you the whys and hows of it.

Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands Boat Tours

A boat tour of Cocoa beach Thousand Islands almost always turned up to be the most exciting tour that you can ever have.

10 Interesting Facts about Cocoa Beach Surfing

If you are planning a day at Cocoa Beach, then the following 10 interesting facts on and around surfing should never be missed.

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