Tampa Bay Area

Appealing and dynamic, Tampa Bay area has a long list of must visit places which no one will want to miss.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my kids entertained in Tampa Bay?

There are many things that you can do and there are many places that you can take them to, such as the museum, beach, to a boat ride, etc. Tampa Bay is a family friendly place so you won’t have difficulty finding suitable places for your children.

Are there good pet day care centers around Tampa Bay?

Yes, you should not have a lot of difficulty looking one. Look through some travel websites if need be.

What can we do on a rainy day?

The possibilities are endless. Visit the aquarium, the different museums, fly a simulator plane in Dunedin, go shopping, etc.

Will I be able to rent chairs and umbrellas on the beach?

Yes, most beaches will let you rent chairs, umbrellas, etc.

Are there beaches where there aren’t a lot of crowds?

Yes, of course! St. Pete’s Beach, Anna Maria Island, and Clearwater are some places that you can visit.

If we want to visit the Busch Gardens, how long should we budget for the place?

Buying a 1 day pass should be enough.

Which would be the best sightseeing ferry tour to go to?

There are several different tours in all of the beaches. Depending on the beach that you go to, the ferry will be different.

Which is the best car rental service around the area?

There are many depending on your needs and budget. You could check out Hertz, Alamo, FOX car rentals, Avis, or such similar services.

Are there any beaches that offer beach wheelchairs?

Yes, Clearwater offers beach wheelchairs. You could also rent them from other places and take them to the beach.

What are some of the best places to visit in Tampa Bay?

Depending on your preferences and the amount of time that you have budgeted for your stay, you could easily find something that will interest you. You could go to places such as the Florida Aquarium, the zoo, Busch Gardens, etc.

What events and festivals are there in Tampa?

Major sporting events are held here, like NFL Super Bowls. It also offers a wide range of different music, cultural, and arts festivals.


Tampa Bay area is the place to be in. Not only does it contain some of the best beaches in the country, it also has varying kinds of beaches, just the type that everyone likes. Whether you’re a fan of shelling or just want to lay around on a pristine beach with fine sand, you can do it all. Not to mention, the area is crawling with water activities to choose from. Take your pick from parasailing, kayaking, charter fishing, sunset cruises, and more.

The beaches aren’t the only things there to keep you entertained. Have a fun day shopping in the area’s boutique districts which are filled with shops as well as sidewalk cafes. For some of the most upscale shops and dining areas, check out the Beach Drive at downtown St. Petersburg or Hyde Park Village. Not only that, you can spend a night to remember in Tampa Bay’s clubs and bars. The place is known for its vibrant nightlife, and you certainly won’t regret it. Enjoy the barefoot dancing and the pumping loud music the whole night long at places such as Ybor City and St. Pete Beach, which is a barrier island.

That’s not all, for those travelling to Tampa Bay area with their families, there are quite a lot of things to look forward to as well. Check out Adventure Island or Busch Gardens, or if you’re an art fanatic, then you will find places such as the Museum of Art in Tampa and the Ringling Museums to be absolutely delightful. Of course, these are just a few names among the many that one can visit.

You can always take a guided tour of the various things around the area, such as a guided tour to see the art attractions around the city, or you could always go solo and discover them all on your own. You won’t need to worry about finding places to stay in either, as the Tampa Bay area is littered with places to stay in. From hotels which have been turned to resorts to villas, you can find it all. Take in the brilliant beauty of the city and the vibrant life around you. You will always find something to do in Tampa Bay, even if it is just sitting around and watching the passersby, even that won’t disappoint you!