If talk about the best locations for the scuba diving in USA, then scuba diving in the Florida Keys is sure a part of the list. Florida Keys is an island chain located off the southern side coast of Florida. These islands are connected to each other and to the coast Florida using 127.5 miles long Overseas Highway. The area contains some spectacular islands which are excellent destinations for scuba diving.

These islands  provide not only with an incredible experience to scuba divers but they are also facilitated with many nice hotels, restaurants and other amenities to have a perfect vacation. The following are best scuba diving places in Florida Keys:

The Best Spots for Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys:

Key Largo is a crowd puller with its fantastic shallow reefs. It is the first island you will find at the southern side of Florida. The divers can spend a full hour under sea to experience a fascinating marine life of the area. You can make your experience a memorable one with some underwater photography.

Key West is a key area which has the 1/3rd population of the Florida Keys. The scuba diving in Key West is a hot destination for a number of reasons. The divers will have to experience plentiful of marine life and coral. You will have the opportunity to witness some amazing myriad species of fishes such as the parrotfish, pelagics, snapper and barracuda etc.

Islamorada Island lies in between the Key Largo and Key West Islands. The place is famous among divers for the Alligator Reef which can be distinctly seen, as it is marked by a tall lighthouse. The scuba diving in Florida Keys Islamorada will mesmerize you by witnessing the USS Alligator which sank here in 1822 at the time when it was fighting against the pirates. The remains of the wreck area must see along with lots of other colorful marine life.

The scuba diving in Key Biscayne Florida quickly gained popularity in recent years and now it is amongst the finest places in the region for such deep sea activity. Apart from this, several other fish species and a colorful marine life can also be enjoyed at the area.

Best season to be at Florida Keys for scuba diving:

The island is located right above the tropic of cancer, so the temperature here is subtropical. The Key Largo area in the region has so far experienced the lowest temperature which was 2 degree Celsius. In the mainland USA, Florida Keys is the only location that has never had a freezing temperature. The weather at all the parts of the Florida Keys stays similar at a specific time of the year. The weather plays a crucial role in the activity. A lot of people consider the July/August as the best season due to the warmth. But, the risk of hurricane at this time makes it an impractical option. So many scuba divers consider March as a better alternate. But, you might be let down with so much people in the area during this peak season. The prices of the services and accommodation gets quite high in the area during this peak season time. However, a reasonable compromise can be the December if you are willing to take the little bit of Florida’s coastal chill. The bottom line about the weather is that the services are open at all scuba diving spots of Florida Keys during most times of the year. If there is any threat or issue then the authorities give the necessary warning and alerts to the potential divers.

Scuba diving at Florida Keys will be a phenomenal experience which at the same time demands you to have a lot of expertise to stay safe at several feet below the water for a long time. The novice scuba divers are only eligible to dive in deep sea if they have the basic training. The activity has several sophisticated equipment which the users must know about in fine detail. Further, they also have to learn as how to breathe using the artificial oxygen source. Finally, it is all about getting the right information about the right place and the equipment needed for the activity.

Many tour companies and scuba diving businesses operate in all the popular areas of the region. They can be approached in order to get economical scuba diving packages. A few things need to be ascertained about the company offering the packages. The first is that the divers of the company must have the TDI and PADI certification. They must be well aware of all the safety concerns and should know how to react in a panic situation. Most of the services offer you with 1-day training classes which will make you learn all the basic things you need to know before diving in. If all these things are assured, then you will be able to dive in with the right peace of mind.