Scuba diving is a phenomenal extreme sport where the diver gets a chance of witnessing a never seen marine life. The sophisticated equipment used here allows the diver to breathe and he can experience the marine life deep down in the sea for as long as he wants. The right location is important for adding more charm to the activity. Key Largo is one of the finest spot to try this adventure in South Florida. It is a fantastic island which is located nearest to the mainland Florida. The meaning of Key Largo is long Key which indicates the diversity of the island which can be availed by the scuba divers in the vicinity.

Dynamics of Key Largo:

Scuba Diving in Key Largo can be well enjoyed by all the prospective divers by knowing first about the dynamics and opportunities available in the area. The place is home to the largest artificial reef of the world. It has the USS Spiegel Grove which is 510 feet. Then, there is a crowd puller John Penne Kamp Coral reef Park (underwater) which attracts thousands of customers every year. Then, the Christ of the Abyss statue located underwater is also a famous thing to grab the attention of many Key Largo Scuba Diving enthusiasts. The deep wrecks and the much shallower reef than the surrounding scuba diving islands in Florida is the Unique Selling Point of the Key scuba dive Key Largo opportunity. All the shallow reefs of the area provide scuba divers of ages and different level of skills with a world class deep sea dive experience. The deep wrecks will offer divers with one of the top most diving experience in the world. The natural coral reefs which are a few miles offshore are known all over the world for the magnificent beauty. You will get a chance to find out the tranquil sea life in azure waters and a number of different species of fish.

Apart from scuba diving, the place is also an ideal haven for the birders, snorkelers, kayakers and the all other eco-tourists in the area. It is famous as an incredible fishing spot. Yu can go for the bonefish at the Atlantic shallows, sailfish offshore and tarpon and the redfish in the Florida Bay.

The best weather to visit Key Largo for Scuba Diving:

The Key Largo is generally known for its reasonably warm temperature. But, the temperature stays quite moderate even on the hottest summer day. The hottest temperature recorded so far in the area is #6 degree Celsius, and that way long ago in 1880. The average high temperature in peak summers is 32 degree Celsius. The cool ocean water contributes a lot in keeping the climate moderate.

The smart divers with good knowledge about the climate prefer to visit the place on the steamy weekends as the air is always cooler. No matter whatever, the temperature shows, you will find the place perfect for swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving.

The lowest temperature recorded at Key Largo is just 5 degree Celsius and that too was way back in 1981.You will not experience any rain during the winters at all. However, you can expect the first thundershower of the year as late as late May. But, the good thing is that the rain hardly sticks around for long. So, there is no chance of spoiling your entire day. So, ideally, the place can be approached for scuba diving at almost any time of the year. It is entirely your reference but the most ideal weather definitely is of the summers.

Scuba Dive Operators:

The place is facilitated with a lot of scuba diving operators. It is a kind of activity which needs to be done with the help of the activity operators. Scuba diving is not as easy as swimming in a pool straightaway. It requires fair bit of expertise and the right equipment to dive in. For the training, the tours offer one day training courses to make you learn everything regarding the activity. You will learn primarily about how to breathe using the breathing equipment underwater and also how to react in terms of some emergency. The operators also provide you with a guide and the necessary gear which is mandatory for such activity. The operators there must be choose wisely as they all offer different levels of services at their own specific rates. The prices vary for the certification courses and in Key Largo, you can expect to spend a few hundred dollars for the certification. So, it is better to first finalize the operator before setting off from your home. Internet will give you all sorts of information about the operators and the services offered.

Some useful tips for the Scuba Divers at Key Largo:

Scuba diving in Key Largo will be extreme fun if the following points are kept in mind while visiting the place:

  • Safety is the first priority and it is advised to follow all the advice of your guide and try not to do any fancy things or something from which your guide has asked to refrain from.
  • If you are slow in water, the better it is. You can only have a longer session in deep water if you move slowly or otherwise, you will get extremely exhausted.
  • Look for the best possible weather to visit this are, especially when you are a novice scuba diver.
  • Make sure that you are physically and mentally fit for the activity.
  • Go to experience all the options as everything has got something really special to offer. The list includes the Christ of the Abyss Statue, Molasses Reef, Spiegel Grove, the Elbow, Benwood Wreck and the Bibb and Duane.

Conclusively, it is surely not difficult to understand that why Key Largo scuba dive is unanimously known as the ‘Scuba Dive Capital of the World’.