Discovery Cove

Swim with dolphins, touch the ocean floor, and spend an entire day with sea creatures in this exciting and magical theme park.

6000 Discovery Cove Way,
Orlando, FL 32821
(407) 513-4600


Open Now
  • Day Open Close
  • Monday 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
  • Tuesday 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
  • Thursday 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
  • Friday 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
  • Saturday 7:15 AM 5:30 PM
  • Sunday 7:15 AM 5:30 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation to go to Discovery Cove?

Considering the limited number of people that are allowed within the park, yes, it would be highly recommended to make a reservation.

What are the age requirements for swimming with the dolphins?

Although all guests are welcomed, children within the ages of 6 and 12 need to be accompanied by an adult. Children must be at least 14 to enter unaccompanied.

Do I need to know how to swim to get a full Discovery Cove experience?

Even if you don’t swim, Discovery Cove still has a lot of exciting things to offer for you. Additionally, you will also be provided with life jackets so that you can experience the waterways.

What are the working hours?

Discovery Cove operates every day from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. The check-in starts at 7:15 am.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

Guests need to bring their personal belongings, such as swimsuits, rubber pool shoes or water socks, hats, dry clothes, or sunglasses. Except for wedding rings and watches, one is not allowed to wear jewelry.

What am I allowed to bring with me to the theme park?

Aside from personal snorkels or marks, guests aren’t allowed to bring other equipment. You can bring cameras to take pictures or items such as books, mp3 players, and headphones to help you relax. You cannot bring your own food or drinks, as they will be provided to you.

I am allergic to certain foods, what should I do?

If you have special dietary needs, speak with the chef or supervisor when you go to Laguna Grill and find a meal suitable to your needs.

Are there restrictions placed upon expectant mothers?

Although Discovery Cove does not place restrictions, it is up to each individual to decide what would be best for them. It would be advisable to consult your doctor beforehand.

Does Discovery Cove offer special military discounts?

Although the park doesn’t offer such discounts directly, contacting the travel office of your base might give you more information on special pricings at some of Discovery Cove’s other parks.

Does the place allow private functions?

Yes it does. You can contact Discovery Cove for more information.


An all-inclusive experience that you can enjoy with your family and friends, the memories that you make in this place will last you a lifetime. You won’t just be purchasing a ticket to Discovery Cove, you will be purchasing an experience that you can look back at.

The theme park is so unique that it is reservations-only and the park doesn’t allow more than 1,300 people at once in a day, which means that you will be able to experience Discovery Cove in a much more intimate way and will not have to worry about standing in lines for hours. One of their most popular attractions is dolphin swim, which, as the name suggests, lets you swim with the dolphins for 30 minutes. You could either experience that on its own or you could always opt for one of their vacation packages out of the several that they have to offer. That way, you will be able to see and experience many things at once. Additionally, you get to mix and match and choose what you would like to do in your Discovery Cove adventure. Would you like to swim with the dolphins? Hand-feed the wide range of exotic birds from the aviary? Or would you rather snorkel surrounded by tropical fish? It’s up to you to decide.

One of the greatest advantages would perhaps be the fact that you will receive unlimited admission to their partner theme parks as well during your stay at Discovery Cove, which will not only make the experience even more magical but also far more enriching. Visit SeaWorld and SeaWorld’s Waterpark, which are located in Orlando. You could also visit the Busch Gardens with an extra fee to prolong this one of a kind adventure. If you opt for one of the vacation packages, you will receive more than just an admission to the attractions. You will also receive unlimited amounts of drinks and snacks, a souvenir snorkel, free rentals for the various equipment that you will need while in the park, as well as delicious lunch and breakfast offers. Additionally, Discovery Cove has also thought about enhancing the experience of those with disabilities by being as hospitable as possible and providing assistance, as well as by allowing service animals within the park. There are also boarding facilities for these animals at the Pet Car Center.