Things to do in Sanible Island

A dream come true for anyone that has ever wanted to go to a tropical island, Sanibel Island has all that and more.

About Sanible Island

Unlike your average island, Sanibel Island isn’t just any ordinary island. It is actually a barrier island, meaning that it is mainly a part of a huge plateau extending into the Mexican Gulf for several miles. This is mainly the reason why the beaches of Sanibel Island are filled with such a large quantity of seashells. Unlike other islands, Sanibel is strategically located in an east-west orientation, which is why there are an abundance of shells. Almost the entire island consists of beaches and people mainly come here to gather shells, a posture that is famously called the “Sanibel Stoop”.

The island is located in the south of Florida and has a humid and subtropical climate most of the times. The coolest months, which are also obviously the peak of the tourist season, start from January and go on all the way till April. That is when the cool breezes from the Mexican Gulf tame down the heat and humidity that usually prevails in that area.

You may think that the only thing a beach is good for is to lie around and get a tan, but there is far more to do in Sanibel Island than you may think. Filled with excellent restaurants, various different places to stay, as well as several different activities all around the island, one will not get bored in Sanibel. Sanibel Island is perhaps the only island in the world that has a museum dedicated to seashells, and why shouldn’t it when it has been blessed with such an abundance of seashells?

Some of the most famous landmarks include the Sanibel Causeway, Periwinkle Way, and CROW Wildlife Center. Visiting the Lighthouse is usually in most tourists’ top lists of places to visit as well, and for excellent reason too. This historical place has a lot of interesting things to see and discover, located on a picturesque setting. Aside from that, one will not run out of things to do in Sanibel Island. Starting from boat tours around the island to shopping places and restaurant, this island offers something for every traveler.

Whether you want to enjoy the scenery outside or spend your holidays in various indoor location, you will definitely have a satisfactory vacation either way because of the abundance of things to do on this island.