Things to do in Miami Beach

Incorporated in March 1915, Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida.The sun reflects dazzlingly off of the clear turquoise waters all year long in this colorful hub of entertainment and culture. The city has a rich history as a pioneering center of the arts, culture, architecture and a thriving LGBT community. It has been one of America’s prime beach resorts for almost a century; with its warm weather all year round, it attracts millions of tourists no matter the season. There is much to do and see here in “the world’s playground.”

Tourist Attractions in Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida

About Miami Beach

Miami Beach has a large population of 91,000 as of a 2013 census, with a diverse community. It has a large Latin American population, which makes Spanish the most commonly spoken language there after English. There is also a smaller Haitian community, along with other minorities. The LGBT community here is a strong one, and it is also a well-known destination for LGBT visitors. South Beach is the most prominent neighborhood, taking up the southernmost 2.5 square miles of Miami Beach. This, together with downtown Miami and the Port of Miami, have diverged to become the commercial center of the sunshine state of Florida. Miami Beach is nearly a stranger to cold weather, being known for its year-long sunny skies and warm weather, punctuated by rain during the summer.

On the shores of Miami Beach, visitors can swim or indulge in water sports in the Atlantic waters, or simply lay back and relax. Miami Beach is filled with unique boutiques with clothes, accessories, souvenirs and lifestyle products, but if you prefer your favorite traditional shops, those are available as well. And of course, there are endless dining options: the culinary scene atMiami Beach is always evolving. No matter what you’re looking for, be it a fancy celebrity-chef restaurant, somelight beachside snacking, a cozy café or a waterfront brunch, Miami Beach delivers.

One of the defining characteristics of Miami Beach is its identity as a cultural hub. Dance, film, theatre, music, art—they have it all. Notable places of cultural interest include Miami City Ballet, which is a ballet company that was founded in 1985, near Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. To add to the experience is the Festival of the Arts held yearly in Miami Beach which began in 1974. If you are keen on art museums, the ArtCenter and Bass Museumof Art are must-visits, showcasing cutting-edge contemporary artwork that is sure to plentifully feed the right side of your brain. Finally, the best for last: theArt Basel Miami Beach, one of the quintessential cultural events that characterize Miami.It is one of the largest art shows in America, hosted in December of every year. Quite fittingly, the Art Deco District of the city is where the exhibitions are mainly held.

Which brings us, of course, to the world-famous historic Art Deco district itself; also formally called The Miami Beach Architectural District. The buildings here are an iconic part of Miami Beach, featuring over 800 historic buildings erected between the 1920s and 1940s, showcasing a variety of architectural styles that have become the signature of Miami Beach. Here you will find charming themed boutique hotels, but also some of Miami Beach’s finest restaurants and spas to help you unwind.

In your excitement over South Beach, don’t forget North Beach with its inviting oceanfront hotels and eateries. But do be sure to go include a beachside stroll in your activities.For fishing,tennis, golf or bike rides, Haulover Park is the place to go. But if the pull of the south side is too strong, there are still more things to do—places of interest include South Pointe Park, Ocean Drive, and Miami Beach Botanical Garden, among many others. The world’s playground awaits!