Things to do in Key Biscayne

A profoundly beautiful city located in the beautiful southern state of Florida, take a look at the things to do in Key Biscayne.

Tourist Attractions in Key Biscayne

1200 Crandon Boulevard,
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Key Biscayne, Florida
Key Biscayne, Florida
6747 Crandon Boulevard,
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149
450 Crandon Boulevard,
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

About Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is often seen as a little world on its own, away from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as South Beach’s over the top party atmosphere. It is located a mere 15-minute drive away from downtown Miami. The small island has two state parks, serene beaches with tall palm-trees, special roads meant only for bikes, seafood restaurants and a host of high-end accommodations for tourists.

One of Key Biscayne’s marked destinations is Bayside Market Place, which has a little something to offer for everyone! You may choose to dine with family or friends at a sensational restaurant or you may opt to visit one if not all of the thrilling fascinations the city and its nearby cities have to offer. These attractions include Jungle Island, South Beach, or Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. You may also choose to visit Crandon Park Beach to relax. If you are into history, you can visit the 170-year old Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Crandon Beach is well-known for its line of prominent models and photographers. Not to mention, some of the world’s finest scuba diving takes place right off shore on incredible artificial reefs that were made imaginatively from a huge array of recycled items. You can also enjoy sports like golf, tennis, kite flying, and windsurfing. If you aren’t into the hype, you may choose to spend your moments quietly, reading and pondering with a book in hand, beneath the shade and calm of a palm treelocated in the Village Green Park.

Miles of what appear to be never-ending picturesque beaches and natural scenes can be experienced walking, riding bikes, scooters or even rollerblades.

In order to explore the city further, you may follow the Key Biscayne Heritage Trail and get a taste of astonishing barrier island ecosystems, crystal blue waters, and a prehistoric fossil ridge. See with your own eyes where the historic Nixon’s Winter White House once stood, where pirates concealed themselves and watch dolphins and sharks swim past in joy.