Things to do in Homestead

A suburb within the Sunny State of Florida, you will never run out of things to do in Homestead, located in the Miami-Dade County.

Tourist Attractions in Homestead

About Homestead

If you are planning on visiting Homestead, you have a list of things to try out! For those of you into adventures, here are a list of only a few, among the tens if not hundreds of places you may choose to visit while at Homestead:

Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, Biscayne Park Sailing, Everglades Safari Park, Everglades Outpost, Everglades Alligator Farm, Coral Castle, The Farm at Verde Gardens and the Miami Exotic Auto Racing and Fruit & Spice Park,

The national parks provide a sequence of harbors, islands and campsites encircled by water. Biscayne National Park alone is 172,000 acres in size, reachable mostly by boat. The parks each have specific services such as hiking, cycling, camping or fishing. Sailing is an adventurous task loved by many, offered exclusively. Sighting an alligator is a must for those visiting the Everglades Alligator Farm, an exciting and unique way to top off your tour of Homestead.

Visiting the Coral Castle means getting an opportunity to stand in front of awe-struck stone structure built by a man who was struck by love on a whole different level! This man was none other than Ed Leeskalnin, who started his work on the castle in 1923. This was a castle built in loving memory of the love of his life, Agnes. Ed made a astounding castle, carved, and constructed using more than 1100 tons of coral! What is more remarkable is, it has been said that this extraordinary man stood at only 5 feet tall, weighing about 100 pounds! The facts make it compelling for visitors to have a look at this castle at least once in their lifetime!

Those of you who need an adrenaline rush and are looking for something different, something more exciting, the Miami Exotic Auto Racing located at the Homestead Miami Speedway is just for you! You can drive in laps, racing under supervision and professionals who will guide you through the racing procedures.

The Fruit & Spice Park is unique and one of its kind, not only in the state of Florida but in the whole of the USA! The tropical climate allows the park to contain over 500 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and spices! Lush greenery is visible and nature can be seen at its best at this park, making it a stand out destination spot for those visiting Homestead.  The park covers a total of 37 acres. Visitors may opt to get on a tram and look through the full 37 acres within a day! Lunch options are available at the cafes located within the log cabins. There is also a yearly festival, called the Asian Festival which takes place at the Fruit & Spice Park every year, celebrating Asian culture, food and wildlife which can be found at the park.