Things to do in Coconut Creek

A picturesque, well-planned and environmentally friendly city, you will never get bored here because of the several things to do in Coconut Creek.

Tourist Attractions in Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek, Florida

About Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek operates a couple of free community bus lanes, one from the north and the other from the south, which allow passengers and tourists to not only visit places, but also shop and travel within the small town. Generally, the community bus operates six days a week; however, this service stays closed on certain public holidays. The community bus travels every hour, with ascribed stops.  Another noteworthy factor is that children below the age of twelve are not allowed to use the bus without the supervision of an adult, who must be at least eighteen years of age. Passengers and tourists can also load their bikes on the bus. Bike racks on the bus are apt to have two bikes only. There are also two airports and five Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the Coconut Creek city center.

The Promenade at Coconut Creek is an outdoor retail shopping mall with more with over 35 stores and 14 restaurants. This mesmerizing mall has stores for adults, teens and even young kids. Customers will certainly enjoy a nice night out since the mall has great stores of some of the most popular bands and companies. The restaurants at the mall serve interesting and innovative cuisines. The Promenade at Coconut Creek is also home of the Silverspot Cinema, an 11- screen luxury theatre.  The theatre is perfect for anyone who likes to watch movies in lavish seating.

The world’s largest butterfly park, Butterfly World in Coconut Creek was founded in 1988. Itis home to over 20,000 live butterflies from every part of the world. The park has six free-flight aviaries with exotic birds. Locals and tourists can also hand-feed lorikeets, and explore the bug zoo and butterfly museum. This magnificent natural habitat also has roses, botanical gardens, passion vines and waterfalls.

Apart from these beautiful attractions and facilities, the region is home to a number of the most amazing restaurants, including Anne Marie’s Pizzeria of Coconut Creek and BRGR Stop.  Anne Marie’s Pizzeria of Coconut Creek is a small and cozy restaurant that serves delightful and freshly made recipes everyday.  The pizzeria serves a great selection of hand-tossed pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, calzones, wings, burgers, subway sandwiches as well as desserts. On the other hand, BRGR Stop, founded by talented chef, Michael Buchinski, is a funky, vibrant and creative eatery, located out west on Coconut Creek Parkway. The restaurant’s special burgers are filled with ingredients such as macaroni and cheese or peanut butter, while the milkshakes are made with a sort of cereal, with soaked milk and ice cream.