Wickham Park

Wickham Park is a private foundation with amazing beauty and it has 250 acres of gardens with full security to look after this big place.

2500 Parkway Drive,
Melbourne, FL 32935

Directions & Map

Frequently Asked Questions

How long time the visitors need to reach the park from Florida city?

It takes one hour and forty-six minutes from Florida to reach Fort de Soto park.

How much does the park entry fee cost?

Per person entry fee is $5.

Does the park have proper security to protect the visitors from danger?

The Park has twenty-four hour security with professional guards to help the visitors.

What are the locations of the three restrooms?

Near the main playground and near the aviary. Others are around Hickory Grove 2 and the Wickham Pavilion.

What is the daily rate of the Park to Stay?

The daily rate for each is $23.42.

What is the security arrangement available in the park?

There is strict security arrangement available. However, this is a public park and the guards are always alert for any danger issue. Visitors can call the guards or staff for any kind of help.

What are the recreational facilities available here?

The Park has many things for recreation of the visitors, like two swimming lakes, disc golf courses, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, archery area, playgrounds, multipurpose soccer fields and Wickham Park Senior Center.

Is it a family park with proper safety for children?

Yes. This is a family Park and Twenty-four hours of security are there to keep the children safe

What is the available area for Jogging and Cycling in the Park?

1.5-mile area is completely open for Jogging and Cycling.

What is the location of the Park?

It is nearby to the Eastern Florida State College Melbourne Campus.


The chances for recreation in the park are vast and large places are enough to enjoy and entertain yourself the most. Sports courts, public playgrounds, forest areas, open areas for jogging and cycling, pinewoods, lakes, etc. made the park fully rich with everything inside.

Families choose this park to visit and enjoy precious time here. Many community events, campaigns, different sports hosts here. In every corner of the park, there are natural beauties to enjoy. At the southeast corner of the park, many events held to entertain people. Exercise trails, natural trails, dog parks, horse parks, etc. are attractions for the visitors.

There are varieties of birds including the migratory birds like turkey vultures, red-tailed hawks, Canada geese, great horned peafowls, Waterfowls, owls, etc. Many visitors go there to acquire knowledge about different plants and wild lives in Wickham nature center. For visitors, it is a place for study. Visitors come here, explore the park from every corner and do research on both flora and fauna. This park is a favorite place for both the adult and the children as it is located near the Eastern Florida State College Melbourne Campus.

Three public playgrounds are located in different areas of the park. Large picnic spots are highlighted with the natural beauty around. Families come here to enjoy the picnic with a precious surrounding.  Five tennis courts, two football courts, two volleyball courts are here. Players from different places attend the tournament here. Wickham Park is renowned for the golf tournaments. The opportunities and offers for golf tournaments of this Park constantly raise the interest level of the golf lovers who usually visit the Park to participate in the tournaments. This park provides an amazing workout with bike trails, fitness trails, hiking tour etc. A few years back, the north side of the park was full of animals and birds and the people used to visit that side rarely so the park authority took the initiative to renovate that part and now this place is equally beautiful with all the natural beauty and twenty-four hour security guards to help the visitors.

The Park is open for seven days a week. There are three sets of public restrooms in the park with all the facilities. The handicapped people can get special facilities in the restrooms. The security guards and stuffs are always present in the Park. There is a staff to provide all the information and directions about the park. The staffs who help the visitors, have proper uniform and are ready to assist the visitors.

The park has been open for people from 1960 but the new renovation brought many changes in the park. This is a public park with all the facilities. The park mainly focused on the natural beauty, wildlife and different fun activities for the people of all ages. This is an urban park with stunning atmosphere. This friendly and peaceful environment is very rare to find in other parks.