Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is one place where an average human being can satiate their desires to explore outer space without being an astronaut.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see everything at the Kennedy Space Center?

Excluding travel time, it requires about six to eight hours to enjoy the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex.

Will the visitors get to see genuine spacecraft on display?

The Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction contains the actual NASA Atlantis orbiter and is on display with the payload bay doors open. And the Apollo/Saturn V Center has the Saturn V moon rocket.

How can one witness the rocket launch?

The Visitor Complex provides visitors with opportunities to see rocket launches at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station every year. One is advised to consult the rocket launch date and time. However, the rocket launch date and time may change due to technical mechanical issues.

Are there any fees for parking?

For all-day parking, motorcycles are charged $5, automobiles are charged $10 and other oversized vehicles are charged $15.

Is smoking allowed in the complex?

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas that are located throughout the park and are marked clearly on the park maps.

Are alcoholic drinks allowed inside?

Selected stores inside the Space Complex are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages, but alcoholic drinks from outside are not allowed.

Are wheelchair services available for handicapped people?

Wheelchairs, electric scooters, and strollers are all available for renting.

Are there any kennel services for pets?

The complex provides a kennel service for pets completely free of cost; it is available from 9 am.

Are backpacks allowed inside?

Backpacks and other such bags are allowed but large coolers or suitcases are not allowed.

Is there any merchandise store for buying souvenirs?

Yes, the stores are located in Atlantis Space Shuttle, Apollo/Saturn V center and on the entrance and exit to the space center.


It is situated right on the place where NASA once made history and is still working on future glories The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex allows its visitors to touch a moon rock, walk under the largest rocket ever flown, and even a chance to meet a real astronaut. If one is lucky enough he might even witness a live rocket launch!

Journey to Space:

The IMAX Theater is a good way to start the tour. It shows footages that were captured by astronauts during various missions on a five-story movie screen. This film is known as, Journey to Space, is made more thrilling by Sir Patrick Stewart’s dramatic narration. The film pays a tribute to the milestones of the Space Shuttle Programs. After that, for Every 15 minutes buses depart on a 2-hour long sight-seeing tour that offers the visitors views of all the iconic spots, such as the 525-foot-tall Vehicle Assembly Building and launch pads that are being prepared for future space missions.

During the tour, one gets to see the Apollo/Saturn V Centre and be mesmerized by looking at the largest rocket ever made- the Saturn V moon rocket. Other stops include the display of the Early Space Exploration, it focuses on the Mercury and Gemini Space programs that are still in development. The Lunar Theatre is also there to offer the visitors a chance to relive the moment of the first moon landing. This tour allows one the up-close view of the runway where the shuttles have landed, and also the Cape Canaveral launch pads. Other interesting stops include the countdown clock at NASA’s Press Site and a view of the gigantic crawler transporter that has been used to carry the Apollo moon rockets and other space shuttles to the launch pad and the Launch Control Centre. One should not certainly miss the Space Shuttle Atlantis. It lets the visitors witness this monumental spacecraft the exact way the astronauts have experienced it. With its robotic arm extended and rotated about 43 degrees with the payload bay doors open.

Experience The Shuttle Launch Experience:

This attraction also includes loads of other opportunities to perform Extravehicular Activity (EVA) and train like an astronaut. Lastly, perhaps the most interesting and spectacular attraction of all is the Shuttle Launch Experience, it recreates the sensations experienced during an actual space shuttle launch. This 44,000-square-foot structure was designed by a group of astronauts, experts from NASA, and well-known attraction engineers. It employs a motion-based platform, specially designed seats and sophisticated audio and video components for a vivid shuttle launch experience that includes MaxQ, Solid Rocket Booster separation, main engine cutoff, and lastly the main engine cutoff as the screen gets flooded with the captivating view of the Earth from the outer-space.

Lunch with an Astronaut:

The Lunch with an Astronaut program allows one to sit down and enjoy a buffet lunch while listening to the experiences of a veteran NASA astronaut. The astronaut shows a personalized presentation and shares what it feels like to live and work in the space. The program also lets the visitors ask individual questions and take pictures with the astronaut.