Ballard Park

Come spend your days away with families and friends in the best hangout spot: Ballard Park!

924 Thomas Barbour Drive,
Melbourne, FL 32935

Directions & Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Ballard Park?

The location is 924 Thomas Barbour Drive, Melbourne, Florida.

Which map is used to understand the places inside the park?

Ballard Park Trail Map.

Does the park have proper security to protect the visitors from danger?

The park has twenty-four hours security with guards to help the visitors.

Is it allowed to use rock climbing in the park?

Rock climbing is not allowed, as it is very risky.

What is the timing of the park to visit?

It is open from sunrise until sunset.

What is the entrance charge of the park?

The entrance charge of the park varies. The charge is different for resident, nonresident, junior or senior member, but charges for each are maximum $6 dollar.

Is this park open for all?

Yes, the park is a public park so it is open for all.

Is it a family park with proper safety for children?

Mainly the school children come here to enjoy so proper security is there for the safety.

What is the amount of area in the park just with natural beauty?

Nature preserve seems much larger than its 13 acres.

What is the access area of Public transportation in the park?

The access area of public transportation is within 1.0 miles.

What about the availability of parking area?

People can use the school parking area to park the transports.

Is there any restroom inside the park?

Yes. There are three restrooms inside the park for the visitors to take rest and refresh themselves.


First and foremost, the location of the park is easy to decipher since it is situated next to Ballard City. Since 1996, the friends of Ballard Park worked with the city people to improve the condition of the park. The present condition of the park is quite nice and the city attracts people to visit and enjoy the amazing natural and man-made beauty inside the park. The park is enriched with green trees and wild lives specified as attractions for the visitors to enjoy. Boat ramps, lighted courts, pavilions, picnic areas, playgrounds, basketball courts, etc. work as further attractions. Eight types of different ferns can be found within the park. Deer, coyote, rabbit, squirrels and other different and rare animals can be seen here in the park. The animals can walk freely as they have neighbor refugees around including the Goose Neck Cove.

Different types of events take place in the park. This include movie shows, music Shows, kids contests, parties and dramas. Along with the show, people can also enjoy varieties of foods, which gives the feeling of a great picnic spot. People can bring varieties of food to enjoy their full day picnic. This small park is maintained by the Manatee Country School District. Parking is available here. Families often visit the park as it is very near to the city. The children and adults enjoy the entertainment and different activities of the park. Gravel walking trails, picnic tables, small jungle gyms, open space and shaded trees at the western portion of the park are amazing to spend time with. Stately trees, formal gardens, ornamental shrubs and different colorful flowers show the miraculous beauty of the fresh nature around. There are tremendous places in the park with vernal ponds, diverse wildlife, many species of plants and a huge meadow. The surrounding nature makes the park ideal for relaxation and even a grand picnic.

The most interesting thing about the park is how it is structured. It is very easy to find out the ways inside the park. Parents feel quite relaxed about the kids as they can understand about the ways through the maps. One can easily explore the whole park alone. Proper security protection is there to assure about the safety of everyone in the park. Visitors can bring picnic lunch but must also carry bug sprays. Dogs are allowed, so are domestic animals that a family wants to bring inside the park with them. The security guards are alert at all times to protect the visitors from danger. Any pet dog or cat naturally raises the fun level of the kids.

The small park has almost everything, which can refresh the mind of an adult and children can have all the fun here. The beneficial side of the park is that it is very near to the Manatees Country School so the students and parents end up being frequent visitors. This place is the best to choose for recreational activities with all the family members.