Fishing at some deep sea is one of the most fun-filled activities that you can ever do.

It is addictive and so tempting that you really cannot resist. Especially if the place is as good as the Cocoa Beach, Florida. So, we are going to tell you why it is so cool to go deep sea fishing near Cocoa Beach and how to do it.

Cocoa beach is famous in Florida and beyond for a number of other reasons, besides fishing. It is a scenic place with great beach activities including buzzing restaurants, live music, shopping and a lot of water sports activities as well. Above all, it is regarded as the world’s Surf Capital. This excellent deep sea fishing location is just an hour drive from Disney and Orlando. Spring is the peak time for deep sea fishing while you do not experience any serious amount of boat traffic or other fisher/ anglers in the zone most of the time around the year.

How to go Deep Sea Fishing near Cocoa Beach?

There are several boat/ cruise providers whose services you can hire in order to fish in the deep sea area. The companies may also be approached in order to provide you with the right fishing equipment at a reasonable cost if you are already not carrying with you.

The boat tour providers would also provide you with all the latest information including the fishing charter, containing the Dos and Don’ts of fishing at the Cocoa Beach.

What else to bring?

Come well prepared to the Cocoa Beach for deep sea fishing, besides just carrying your baitcasting reel and the other fishing accessories.

  • When fishing deep-sea and spending multiple hours in the sun, you must be dressed in layers, wearing long sleeved and light colored clothing.
  • To avoid sunburn, bring sunblock cream as nothing could ruin your fun faster than really bad sunburn.
  • A hat is useful too as it will protect your face and also keeps you cool during the day.
  • Come with light and comfortable shoes, where tennis shoes are considered the best with non-scuff soles.
  • Sea sickness medicines, a light jacket, and polarized sunglasses are among other useful things to carry in your backpack to go deep sea fishing near Cocoa beach.

What species can you fish at the Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa beach is famous for a variety of fish species that you can fish. Black Drum, Sea Trout, and the Redfish are the most common types that you can find at any time of the year. Black drum and the redfish species for their whole lives in this water. Some of the seasonal types include the likes of Jack Crevalle, Snook, Tarpon, Pompano and the Ladyfish. The most useful method for fishing these species is to pole the flats and then sight fish by deploying the light-spin tackle.

Sharks can also be found at Cocoa beach and will surely be the highlight of your fishing trip. Most of the sharks are small, while some are the endangered species which are rigorously regulated. The following are some of the exciting shark species which you can fish at Cocoa beach for a later food feast or any other novelties:

  • Blacktip Shark
  • Bonnethead Shark
  • Bull Shark
  • The Great Hammerhead Shark
  • Lemon Shark
  • Tiger Shark
  • Nurse Shark

So, which shark you could find on your fishing trip at Cocoa Beach depends on a number of factors which includes the depth of the sea, season and the overall water conditions. Most of the known sharks feed on crabs and shrimps, so most of the anglers rely on using the artificial lures to get caught of these magnificent species. Even, if you are not a seasoned angler, still you would love the experience and the art of learning to fish, the proper way.