The Sunshine State has got so much to offer the tourists. One great and unique tourist experience is to see the caves in Florida. These caves for many years have become a top notch tourist spot and the visitors to these places are increasing with every passing year. Different caves found in the state provides you with a unique experience of underwater caves, air-filled caves, and the sinkholes.

Our pick for top caves in Florida:

Florida has a large variety of caves where each offers a completely different experience from the other. Some of them are co-located while other exist at a distance from each other. Here is our list of the top caves in Florida based on their uniqueness and giving an exciting experience to the visitors:

1. Devil’s Den:

The Devil’s Den came into existence when the roof collapsed over a subterranean river. This collision actually exposed the river to the open surface and since then has become an exciting spot for the tourists. The place besides this natural existence also offers tourists with scuba diving training and a range of other recreational opportunities. The water temperature here remains constantly at 22 degrees. In the cold weathers, the vapors formed through the river surface end up in visible plumes which give an impression of a chimney just above cave’s entrance. The surface opening earlier was just a tiny solution hole and through this, the tourists use to squeeze in to reach water. The entrance to the cave was enlarged in the 1990s and the cave actually got opened for the tourists after that. The cave here stretches below water to 200 feet making the shape of an upside down mushroom. The unique things associated with this cave are the fossil beds, crystal clear waters, and its eye-catching ancient rock formation.

2. Caverns State Park:

The Caverns State Park in Florida is situated in the west of Tallahassee. The unique selling point of this park is that here I the only air-filled cave in the entire Sunshine State which offers tours to the general public. The overwhelming tourist response in this unique air-filled cave is also because of the stalactites dripping and rising off the ceiling and the dramatic stalagmites. Not only this but the jaw-dropping scenes of the limestone buffs further add to the charm of the place which can be found just over the Chipola River.

3. Leon Sinks Geological Area:

The Leon Sinks Geological area cave system is found to be in Tallahassee. This extensive cave system is also known as one of the largest underwater cave in the world. The cave is connected through the Wakulla Springs with immensely matchless holes and caverns that came into existence due to rainwater. The best tourist attraction here is the karst topography which is nothing less than a treat for the eyes of the visitors, especially, the scene of the vanishing streams which are filled up with the rare lobsters. This cave should be one out of the top 3 caves that you wish to visit in the Sunshine State.

4. The Warren’s Cave:

The Warren’s Cave or just the Warren Cave is a dry sort karst cave, located in the County of Alachua, in Florida. This is also known as the longest cave (dry) in Florida State, having mapped passages over 4 miles. The Warren Cave Nature Preserve, owned by the prestigious National Speleological Society, is the place where you can find the entrance to this attractive dry cave system. It is assumed that the cave came into existence through a tall water table and at the time when the Quaternary Period sea levels rose somewhere close to the 30 meters mark, above the sea level. The risen sea level corresponds with the Wicomico Terrace. Just to add to the interest of the tourists, the name of the cave was named after Col. John Warren, who is also known to discover this lake, during the time he led the troops at the San Felasco Hammock battle during 2nd Seminole War. The cave became a famous tourist spot as early as late 19th century which is evident in many tourist guides of the locality. The commercial attraction of the cave system, later on, was enhanced by introducing the wooden stairs at the entrance in a sinkhole. Till 1959, it is reported that nearly 400 feet of passages of the cave were known. Later on, a lot of new passages were discovered which has extended by a fair margin, the known spots of this cave system.

5. The Peacock Springs State Park:

The Peacock Springs State Park is a famous tourist location for cave lovers in the Florida State. It is not known to many but a fact that the park hosts one of the longest underwater type cave systems in the country. Furthermore, it is also the only park in the country which offers cave diving opportunity as well. The cave system hosts as many as 6 large size sinkholes and 2 major springs as well. To your surprise, this karst cave system so far has nearly 28,000 feet of the known passages.

6. Ginnie Springs:

If you ever want to see the crystal clear water in Florida then the Ginnie Springs is one such place and absolutely fine for some freshwater cave system exploration. The adventure enthusiasts would just love the experience of probing through a long 30,000 feet of multifaceted passages situated at the Devil’s Eye. The spot is almost famous worldwide for being an excellent spot for cave diving in the entire world. Without exaggerating anything, this freshwater cave diving experience would be one in a lifetime. Therefore, come prepared and experience this amazing cave system to make some fondles memories.

7. The Blue Grotto:

It is known as one of the deepest caves in the state which make up to 100 feet of crystal clear water. The cavern springs at this scenic Williston location is open for cave diving by divers having any skill level. At this cave system, you can also see an arced shaped cavern which is entirely covered with fossils and the beautiful aquatic life. Seeing this would be an amazing treat to the eyes.

8. Morrison Springs State Park:

The picturesque Morrison Springs State Park is situated in the Northwest of Florida. It is known statewide and beyond for its super crystal clear water and its sandy-bottomed base. The 3 distinct cavities at the base of the pool give a very beautiful impression of the cavern. This extensive cave system stretches itself to nearly 300 feet of some excellent diving opportunities.


So, caves in Florida are not just the ordinary caves. But, here you will get to see the underwater caves, air-filled caves and the sinkholes which are something that you will not experience in many places. The trip here could be arranged for a day and even overnight. You can comfortably find budget accommodation in the nearby vicinities and can come again the next day to continue the exploration of the caves where you left a day before.