Spending a full day in a water park in summer is the best way to beat the heat. If you happen to live in Florida or just visiting then the Rapids Water Park is a must visit the place. The park is located in the West Palm Beach, Florida. The park has a covered area of 30 acres which is quite big for a recreational water park. Rapids Water Park rides include a massive wave pool, 35 water slides which also include dual 7-story speed water slides, apart from a quarter mile lazy river. The park has rides for people of all ages including toddlers as well. Therefore, the park welcomes you with your entire family or friends group to have the best time of your life in one single day.

The top 7 Rapids Water Park rides that you must try:

The Rapids Water Park has got numerous rides that offer completely different but an equally exciting experience to the visitors. Our pick for the top 7 of Rapids Water Park rides are given below which you should think about first when visiting the Rapids Water Park:

1. The Baby Blue:

Don’t go with the name of this ride as it is as daring as any other ride in the park. A tubeless ride takes you first in the enclosed tube which is completely dark and then splashes in the bowl at the end at full high speed. The only major difference is that this ride is only for a single rider and no two riders like The Big Red ride could enjoy it together. Nevertheless, this is an as good opportunity for you if you see the queue at The Big Red is too large. Swimming is required for this ride, as you drop in about 6 feet water at the end.

2. Flow Rider:

Do you enjoy splashing water with your friends, family or kids? If your answer is yes, then the Flow Rider should be your first stop in the Rapids Water Park. This spot offers simulated waves which in the park and even in the entire Florida region is gaining a lot of following in the recent times. The Flow Rider comes across 30,000 gallons of water per minute towards him which gives the sensation as if the person is suspended in some continuous wave. At first, it is more like a fun filled experience but the ride is so tempting that the visitors continue to return to the park just to improve their wave riding skills.

3. Pirates Plunge:

Again a ride for the adults with the ability to tackle the surprises that the Pirates Plunge has got to offer. Just imagine the world slipping out under you as you go past the narrow twisting and looping of the enclosed flumes. This ride gives you the opportunity to choose between 2 different high speed enclosed flume water slides, namely Plunder and Lightning. Each one of them offers totally different experience with different curves and dips with a seven story drop.

4. The Big Red:

This exhilarating ride is the one which doubles the fun, especially when you try it with your friend or partner. The attraction offers a single or double ride in a very high energy tube which starts initially in an enclosed chute and then enters the bowl at extremely high speed. A gradual but an exquisite deceleration is experienced after having numerous high-speed spins before reaching the end towards the bowl’s hub.

5. Tubin’ Tornadoes:

Be sure that this ride would give you a splash that you will never forget. This daring attraction challenges you to ride right out of the big storm while in a completely tubular ride. In order to try this ride, you need to get a tube and then travel in a completely dark tunnel at a lightning fast speed with 360-degree curves. You will be thrilled with back to back curves just as you go downwards through the 1000 feet tunnel and then have a chill splash landing in the pool.

6. Body Blasters:

This is the ride not for the faint hearted people. Only adults with some serious courage and swimming skills should try this. The ride offers absolutely no mats or even no tubes. It will just be you soaring through the heart thumping drops and the pulse accelerating curves and dips. There you will blast down exactly 1000 feet in an enclosed flume.

7. The Old Yellar:

The old but still the gold at the Rapids Water Park; this 4 flume spiraling slides are still the most favorite amusement of many visitors to the park. Riding this slide plunges you down about 1600 feet having varying dips and curves all the way till you land in the pool. The best part is that each of the 4 spiraling rides offers a totally different experience in terms of dips and curves which will keep you excited for a good couple of hours.