A boat tour of Cocoa beach Thousand Islands almost always turned up to be the most exciting tour that you can ever have. Let us make this more interesting by getting to know you about the locality and history of the area which again is very interesting to know.

Thousand Islands comprise of a group of modified and natural islands in Banana River Lagoon, Cocoa Beach. Between the 1950s and 1970s, the islands were renovated and more serenity was added into the area.

Originally, the Thousand Islands were actually a flood wave delta dump, created earlier through a breach in the barrier island as a result of a tough storm flow. Further, this natural existence led to a web of beautiful but narrow canals & trails running by the natural mangrove waters and the unseen hammocks.

Highlights of the Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands boat tour:

The boat tours are usually of 2 hours departing from Space Coast. On the tour, you get to see the selected islands of the Thousand Islands and the marine life with beauty everywhere. The tour operators could be approached for a customized tour if you are a large group of friends and family with a specific wish-list.

The beautiful canals running through the Thousand Islands provide the herds of Manatee and the coastal birds with a natural shelter. You would love to observe the variety of birds on this exotic tour such as the Bald Eagle, Reddish Egret, Rosette Spoonbill, Nesting Osprey, White and Brown Pelican, Great Blue Heron, Night Heron, White Ibis and the Wood Stork.

The Thousand Islands are located in the Indian River Lagoon by the Cocoa Beach. The Cocoa beach Indian River Lagoon estuary is famous worldwide for its most spectacular and diverse eco-system, which makes it another big reason to visit.

Another exciting aspect of the tour is to see the locals who have their residence right by the Thousand Islands canals. The thought about their beautiful homes in complete isolation would keep you mesmerized for long and will tempt you to visit this place again.

The boats are spacious and you can walk around the boat getting to see the changing and eye-catching scenes after every few minutes. The crew and even the captain of the cruise would love to answer all your questions and will narrate all the significant milestones throughout the journey. The journey back to the coast on a boat will be as exciting as you started it and the entire tour would worth be the effort that you made in coming here and spending money.

How do you need to plan your Cocoa beach Thousands Islands Tour?

Tourists love to have such attractions of having a boating/ cruise experience in such a picturesque locality. When you come to Cocoa beach for having such an experience then you have a range of options to choose from. The standard boats that you can choose to tour are 45-50 feet long which drifts along the rivers, lagoons, and estuary while carrying with it the sweet melodies of the Caribbean music. The following are the options that you can avail:

  • Choose your preferred boat/ cruise tour operator which gives you best value for your money.
  • Take Advantage of the group tickets if you are coming with friends or family.
  • Pick the tour with an operator that takes you to your desired places and islands that you have researched.
  • Choose the cruise with the desired onboard facilities such as food items, drinks, live music and fishing opportunity.
  • Go for the economical packages and book in advance if you are on a budget.
  • Look for the complimentary vouchers which the tour operators offers for food and drinks at specific restaurants at the beach and onboard as well.
  • Must try to avail the opportunity to see the wild birds and especially dolphins in the deep sea while boating, which is the highlight of the Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands boat tour.
  • The majority of the tour operators operate 7 days a week.
  • Make sure that the tour operator is legal and the vessel you choose is approved by the US Coast Guards.