The Cocoa Beach gives a lifetime experience for all the surfing enthusiasts. Not only this water sport but several other activities and opportunities on the beach spruce up the excitement of your outing. It has become one of the most happening beaches of Florida, having something for people of all ages. However, surfing remains as the most desired activity of the beach. If you are planning a day at Cocoa Beach, then the following 10 interesting facts on and around surfing should never be missed:

  1. Cocoa Beach Diversity – Cocoa Beach itself holds some really interesting facts apart from the other leisure and surfing related activities that it has to offer. The Space Coast brags as much as 70 miles of sand and most of it is freely accessible to the public. The other side of the beach is packed with restaurants, shopping centers and a variety of fun activities.
  2. The Cocoa Beach Pier – Even if your sole purpose to visit Cocoa Beach is for surfing, still stepping over the Cocoa Beach Pier is one big achievement. Live music here is fabulous which will mesmerize you the entire time that you will spend here. Further, the pier is well known as it had welcomed the popular bands such as UB40 and the Beach Boys not too long ago. The Cocoa Beach Pier is 800 feet long and provides opportunities for fishing, beach sports and the ultimate experience of some top surfing in the area.
  3. The Ron Jon Experience – There is hardly any surfing lover who is unaware of the Ron Jon Surfing brand. It is the most iconic surf shop worldwide. The brand is well spread throughout the United States with many of its stores but the one at Space Coast is the most popular and the largest too. You can step in to buy swimsuits, sunscreen, surfboard or just window shop to get the ultimate experience.
  4. Florida Surf Museum – An excellent learning experience about the culture and distinctive history of the East Coast surfing is what Florida Surf Museum is all about. The museum exhibits the amazing customs and heritage of the surfing community through a variety of different programs, events, and exhibitions. This museum is part of the Ron Jon Surf complex and is also the Headquarter of the Digital Archiving Activities.
  5. Place for Immature and Experienced Surfers – Cocoa Beach is known for having very serene and consistent waves. On top of that, the water for a good part of the beach is quite shallow, which makes it an ideal location for immature to learn surfing. Further, the experienced surfers also have their spots where they can do surfing as per their liking and expertise.
  6. Dog Surfing Championship – The Championship is organized by the East Coast Dog Surfing Association annual. It happens every November in the Lori Wilson Park and is a treat to watch. If your dog is participating in the championship then the excitement would be on some very high level.
  7. NFK Rich Salick Pro-Am Surf Festival – This festival is one of the largest events in the Space Coast vicinity. Moreover, it is the largest charitable event in the world, raising money for Florida’s National Kidney Foundation. The beach transforms into a surfer’s paradise as soon as the summer comes to an end.
  8. Fat Kahuna Beach Side Grille – Tourists just love the food at this beachside restaurant with delicious seafood recipes as specialties. The outdoor seating is generally preferred for the scenic Atlantic Ocean view, but indoor seating hosts a large TV screen and a lively bar. Live music is also played which makes the environment extremely jazzed up.
  9. The Cocoa Beach Skate Park – The Cocoa beach Skate Park is a very special attraction on the beach, especially for the teenagers. The skateboard area is surrounded by lush green lawns where the adults prefer to relax after having their share of activities.
  10. Catalyst Shop for Renting/ Buying Surfboards – If you came unplanned on the beach with no surfboard then no need to worry at all. You can rent one from the Catalyst, earlier known as Quiet Flight. The shop has experts who can help you in giving useful instructions on surfing in the area.

The Cocoa beach without any doubt is the best spot for surfing in Florida. A range of special beach and surfing activities are lined up for you to make it an unforgettable experience. Whether you plan a visit with family or friends, the memories made here would last a lifetime.