The Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys is rated amongst one of the most searched and traveled routes of Florida. The reason for that is not that it just connect 2 or more places. Rather, the place provides tourists and visitors with excellent attractions and fun-filled activities that are not to be seen elsewhere. People come here and visit different spots for a day trip, while many others set off from their homes to experience days of enjoyment in the most serene and refreshing place to make the most of their vacations. As far as the dynamics of the Overseas Highway are concerned, then it is an 113 mile long route that carries US Route 1 right through the Florida Keys.

There are a number of fun-filled and amazing facts about the place which will not only provide you with information but will also increase your curiosity to visit the place in real. Let us explore these facts one by one below:

The History that links with the Labor Day Hurricane

The construction of the Highway got completed in 1912 and then there was some significant damage done to the road and got partially destroyed in the famous hurricane of 1935 on Labor Day. East Coast Railway of Florida was unable to generate funds for the reconstruction of the damage, so the remaining bridges and the roadbed were then sold to the Florida State. Since then, the place started to gain recognition after the reconstruction work and got famous for tourism.

Miami to Key West connection:

This refurbishment of the road got completed by 1950 and turned out into a large coastal highway making a connection between the cities of Key West and Miami. It offers tourists with a very exotic road-trip experience that runs through a tropical grassland environment.

Coral Reefs:

Coral Reefs at this part of the US are quite famous among the travelers. You will find here the largest area occupied by the Coral Reefs on the mainland US. People love that experience in different parks and the pictures taken here become memories for a lifetime.

The Exotic Animals:

There are many opportunities provided around the Overseas Highway where you can see a lot of different exotic animals such as the Key Deer and the American Crocodile. This wildlife experience becomes even more special at many of the deep sea boating tours where you can see some amazing sea’s wildlife as well. Fishing on that tour is not a bad idea either.

The Overseas Hi-Way TV Series:

The Overseas Hi-Way TV Series is an animated series with a lot of followership around the US. The series actually covers the complete route from Key Largo to Key West. The Long Key in the series was very factually portrayed while many of the other Keys in the TV series were given some fictional names. The series was first aired in 1968 and a lot of kids of that time recalls that in their old days and gets fascinated by the idea of getting onto the route again.

The 7-mile bridge:

This is an eye-catching and an iconic landmark of the Overseas Highway route. It is given the name as the length of the bridge is just slightly under 7 miles. The bridge is even more popular as it is amongst the longest most bridges of the world. Some other amazing attributes related to this bridge are that some famous movies are shot here which includes James Cameroon’s True Lies, Mission Impossible III and James Bond etc. This is definitely one of the reasons to have a stopover at the bridge and take some pictures of the bridge and the surrounding areas.

Ample amount of opportunities for an overnight stay:

You really don’t need to reach the either end of the Highway, which is Miami and Key West for an overnight stay. If you are heading towards the Overseas Highway from a far off area, then there are many places where you can stay for a night and even a week, with no desire to leave the place. The Marathon and Islamorada resorts are among the best on the route. You will enjoy your stay here while enjoying water sports activities and the tasty food on the sandy beaches.

Canal Cruise:

The Canal Cruise is the second best thing that you can do to yourself here, after choosing to travel to the Overseas Highway first. African Queen is the place for this activity. You can opt to purchase your tickets before leaving your home. There are facilities for some delicious onboard food, fishing, and many other activities that one can think about having on a recreational cruise.

The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail:

The construction of the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage trail is still not completed since it started in 2001. Once completed, then it is touted as one of the top most trails of the world where there will be facilities for bicyclers and pedestrians that traverse between Key Largo to Key West, near the highway. Further upon completion, the visitors will be able to see some exciting picnic spots, fishing piers, jogging paths, educational kiosks and many scenic overlooks of the area. Just a facility near the highway would surely take a lot of tourist load coming to different locations at the Overseas Highway.

Mile Markers:

The mile markers all across the highway use a quite sophisticated and amazing system to identify places and its addresses. This implementation of mile markers typically exists between Key West to Key Largo. The mile markers exist on every mile along the highway and start ascending from Key West. As an example, the physical address of the Mote Marine Laboratory is 24244 Overseas Highway. The first three digit means that it is the 24.2 miles marker and the last 2 digits tell that it is situated on the ocean’s side. This is quite unique and makes addresses along the highway quite easy to locate.